Honda och Yamaha

Honda and Yamaha are two of Japan’s biggest engine manufacturers. The companies manufacture all types of engines, but is best known for its boats, and motorcycles in particular. Their motorcycles were sold in millions of copies and gained fans worldwide. Honda is the older and larger the company of the two but the Yamaha is a strong contender. Through the years it has developed an intense competition and rivalry between the companies. This competition has spurred them to constantly innovate and develop new technologies. Their motorcycles tend today to be counted among the best in the world and they’ve got a reputation for being trustworthy.

Honda is a Japanese engine giant

Honda was founded in 1946 and since 1959 the company has been the world’s largest manufacturer of motorcycles. Currently, the company is also the world’s largest engine manufacturer, and every year the company produces about 14 million internal combustion engines. Early in its history, the company was a supplier to Toyota, but with time it expanded operations and began to devote themselves to their own production. In the 1960s the company began to manufacture cars and fared relatively well, except in the US market. In the United States considered the Japanese cars are too small. The company’s motorcycles, however, was popular.

Ever since the company was founded, Honda has taken part in motor racing competitions worldwide. His greatest achievements they have made in motorcycle racing but the company has also competed in including Formula 1. Since 2015 the company produces engines for Formula 1 stables McLaren cars. In addition to motorcycles and cars, the company has produced engines for everything from jet engines to leisure boats. In recent years the company has also developed the humanoid robot Asimo that has received a lot of attention in the world media. The robot can dance and run and controlled by the power of thought.

From music to engines

Yamaha Motor Company was founded in 1955 as a subsidiary of the Yamaha Corporation that manufactures musical instruments, and consumer electronics. For the uninitiated, it may seem strange that an instrument manufacturers begin to produce engines but the metallurgical expertise required to produce quality instruments are useful even in engine manufacturing. The company manufactures many types of engines, but the motorcycles are, and always have been, Yamaha’s specialty. Just a few years after the company had been founded Yamaha was successful in motorcycle racing and became a rival to the Honda and the other Japanese motorcycle manufacturers. The success of the major motorcycle races made the brand famous throughout the world.

Honda Deauville is one of Honda's many motorcycle models

In the 1980s, challenged Yamaha Honda’s dominant position in the motorcycle market. Yamaha opened new factories and began filling the market with motorcycles that were cheaper than the Honda. Yamaha rival countered when designing tons of new motorcycle models to give consumers more choice. In just a year and a half almost doubled the number of Honda models, from 60 to 113. Honda’s innovation and broad range crushed Yamaha. Yamaha motorcycles were cheaper but they were regarded by many as outdated and primitive. Honda won the marketing war over Yamaha but their rivalry continues today.

Competition drives innovation

Through the years, Honda and Yamaha have had a long rivalry. Yamaha has tried to challenge his rival but so far Honda motorcycles and engines had the upper hand. Both companies, however, respected manufacturers of motorcycles and their enthusiasts worldwide. Their rivalry has meant that they have never been satisfied with mediocrity, but always been eager to innovate and develop engine technology. Together the companies have designed and produced many classic motorcycle models and thanks to them, the market has been renewed. It has benefited consumers and the industry.